The International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design (HAID) has as its objective to build an atmosphere of openness, diversity, and inclusion. We encourage contributions from people of all backgrounds including but not limited to race, color, ethnicity, religion, geographical origin, economic standing, sex, sexuality, relationship status, gender identity, gender expression, physical appearance, size, stature, age, ability, neurotype, scholarly or professional level, employment or residential status.

The HAID organizing team enthusiastically seeks the participation of workshop attendees, chairs, reviewers, and presenters of diverse backgrounds. Our ultimate hope is to encourage equity in the larger fields of haptics, audio and interaction design by increasing visibility and representation in our workshop.

Moving forward, we urge workshop participants and visitors to the HAID website to circulate our calls for submissions to diverse people and groups and to students and colleagues from marginalized and underrepresented groups, to disclose intimidating behaviour to a member of the organizing team should you witness it at our workshop, and to provide feedback or suggestions concerning our ongoing efforts to create a welcoming atmosphere at HAID.

Please contact our HAID 2020 Diversity and Inclusion directly for any concern or suggestion on diversity and inclusion.