HAID 2022 is a direct successor to the workshop series inaugurated in Glasgow (UK) in 2006 by Stephen Brewster, a unique meeting point for exchanges across researchers working in haptics, audio, and human-computer interaction. HAID workshops were held every year between 2006 and 2013, then discontinued.

2016 was a particularly active year on what came to be termed “musical haptics”. In February, the workshop “Haptics and Musical Practice: From audio-tactile psychophysics to the design and evaluation of digital musical interfaces” was organised by Stefano Papetti in Zurich (Switzerland). A related workshop, “Musical Haptics: Use and relevance of haptic feedback in musical practice”, also organised by Stefano Papetti, took place during the EuroHaptics 2016 conference in July (London, UK). These two workshops led to the 2018 open access book Musical Haptics, edited by Stefano Papetti and Charalampos Saitis, the first ever scientific volume on the subject of haptics and audio-haptic interaction in music performance and perception.

In December 2016, the symposium “Force-Feedback and Music”, organized by Marcelo Wanderley in Montreal (Canada), specifically addressed the use of force-feedback devices in audio and musical applications. Thomas Pietrzak and Marcelo Wanderley subsequently initiated an effort to revive the HAID community with new workshops in 2019 (Lille, France) and 2020 (Montreal, Canada; online), and a special issue of the Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces.

HAID 2022 aims to continue this effort and help grow the HAID community further, engaging for the first time key scientific stakeholders (AES, IEEE TC Haptics, EuroHaptics) and an advisory board of international experts that can evolve into a steering committee. A Work in Progress initiative has also been introduced to increase inclusiveness of the community by helping HAID newcomers, especially underrepresented groups, to position their work within the HAID debate.

Early and recent editions of HAID:

HAID 2022 – London, UK (hybrid in person & online)

HAID 2020 – Montreal, Canada (online)

HAID 2019 – Lille, France

HAID 2013 – Daejeon, Korea

HAID 2012 – Lund, Sweden

HAID 2011 – Kyoto, Japan

HAID 2010 – Copenhagen, Denmark

HAID 2009 – Dresden, Germany

HAID 2008 – Jyväskylä, Finland

HAID 2007 – Seoul, Korea

HAID 2006 – Glasgow, UK